Leda Pandion

Handmaiden of House Blackjade


Leda is 36 years of age. She has the fair skin, lighter hair, and blue eyes common in Lys. She curls her hair, as is the fashion in her homeland, but not to the extent that most Lyseni might.


Leda was born in the Free City of Lys. She was from a respected merchant family who traded in wines, spices, and other luxury items. When she was a teen, she met a dashing young swashbuckler named Dorian Pandion, who was taken with her beauty, quick mind, and independent nature.

He told her tales of the sea, of his home nation of Dorne, and the battles he fought in. She was swept up in his adventurous nature and of the freedom he spoke of in Dorne that as a woman she would never expect to find at home. He spoke to her father, who was quite willing to part with his daughter for a tidy sum of money. They were married in temple dedicated to a Lysene love goddess. To this day, Dorian calls her his greatest investment.

After coming with him to House Blackjade, she found it difficult at first to adjust to life in a tiny hamlet, but came to love it as her new home. Less than a year after being married, she gave birth to a screaming red boy that was named Rufos. (The delivery of the child was a difficult one, as her pregnancy was unusually taxing and the child was very large. Complications from the birth left her barren.) She then spent her years raising her son, and gaining the education to manage a household that would have been denied to her in Lys.

She is now the Handmaiden to Lady Blackjade, and serves as her personal assistant as well as sharing some duties in managing day-to-day matters for the House.

Leda Pandion

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