Captain Dorian Pandion

Captain of the Seahawk


Dorian is a fairly tall man of 41, with skin darkened by sunlight and toughened by years of sea air. His hair and beard are dark, his eyes darker, and his rage darkest of all. He bears a scar from his right lower eyelid down to the middle of his cheek, which causes that eye to droop slightly. He is most often seen wearing a grey, green, and black sailing uniform underneath soft leather armor. He wears a Braavosi blade and fencing dagger that have seen a lot of use but are well cared-for. He is a skilled fencer with a wiry frame built for speed and finesse rather than power.


Dorian Pandion was born the son of a sea captain and a daughter of House Blackjade. His mother married against the wishes of her brother, who was Lord of the House, and he swore that he would not allow a valuable Blackjade into a marriage that was not advantageous to the House. Being a strong-willed Salty Dorne woman, she legally abdicated her claim to the Blackjade name and any potential rights of inheritance and married the man, taking on his family name.

She then lived a commoner’s life as the wife of a sea captain, and gave birth to Dorian. A few years later, though, she contracted a disease and died, leaving her son without a mother and with a father who was often out at sea. Lord Blackjade took in Dorian, who despite his legal status or name was still of the Blackjade blood.

He was raised in the Blackjade household with his cousins Lucien and Ramanos. Although Lucien and Ramanos were brothers, Dorian and Lucien were much closer in age and personality and so formed a closer bond, a mix of friendship and brotherhood.

Dorian always loved the sea, and he has felt that it was always his first love, as it was with his father. Although he was raised in a noble household, he was spared no hardships when he began his apprenticeship with the Jade Talons, learning to be a sailor. It was soon apparent that his natural agility and endurance made him very suited to the role. From years of sailing, he eventually earned the rank of Captain, and his friend and cousin (who had by then become Lord of House Blackjade) was more than happy to give Dorian command of his fleet’s flag ship, Seahawk. It was while commanding that ship that Dorian and Lucien won a great sea victory at the Battle of the Bay of Crabs during Robert’s Rebellion, managing to turn away a fleet of transport ships bringing reinforcements to the Trident.

Dorian married a Lyseni woman, Leda, and has a child, Rufos. He still spends most of his time at sea, ensuring that the reputation of the Jade Talons is well-earned.

Captain Dorian Pandion

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