Ser Rufos "Ox" Pandion

Anointed Knight


Rufos helm

Age: 20
Gender: Male
House: Blackjade

3 | Agility
3 | Animal Handling (Ride 2B)
4 | Athletics (Strength 2B, Swimming 1B)
3 | Awareness
3 | Cunning
2 | Deception
5 | Endurance
5 | Fighting (Long Blades 2B, Spears 1B)
2 | Healing
2 | Language
2 | Knowledge
2 | Marksmanship
3 | Persuasion
3 | Status (Tournaments 1B)
1 | Stealth
2 | Survival
2 | Thievery
3 | Warfare
3 | Will

Intrigue Defense: 9
Combat Defense: 10 (base), 16 (shield no armor), 8 (armor no shield), 14 (shield and armor)
Composure: 9
Health: 15
Destiny Points: 2


  • Anointed (+2 on Status Checks)
  • Massive (Wield 2-handed weapons in 1 hand without penalty, ignores Unwieldy)
  • Sponsor (Lord Blackjade)
  • Unsubtle (Flaw giving -1D to Thievery rolls)

Great Scimitar: 5+2B test dice, 9 damage (Vicious)
Tourney Lance: 5 test dice, 6 damage
Tower Shield: 5-2B test dice, 2 damage
Dagger: 5 test dice, 1 damage

Breastplate: 5 armor rating, -2 armor penalty, 3 bulk
Tower Shield: +6 defense, 2 bulk

Height: 6’10"
Weight: 265 lb
Eye color: Dark brown, nearly black
Hair color: Dark brown with sun-bleached highlights
Mannerisms: Tends to “loom” over people instinctively, sometimes snorts like a bull when annoyed, speaks in a deep, rumbling voice and has a low, quiet laugh
Distinguishing features: Piercing eyes, massive frame, bushy but well-kept beard, wears a black and green great helm with ox horns and an oxtail plume

Goal: Security (Protect House Blackjade, improve its status as well as House Pandion)
Motivation: Excellence (Strives to be a great warrior and knight)
Virtue: Courageous (First into battle, doesn’t back down from a threat)
Vice: Wrathful (Quick to anger, difficult to follow chivalric code of mercy)


  • Be brave and just
  • Defend the young and innocent, especially women who can not defend themselves.
  • Live cleanly as well as godly
  • Act with military courtesy; in combat when nobles and knights are taken prisoner, their lives are spared and often held for ransom

Pandion arms

Rufos’s father is Captain Dorian Pandion of the Jade Talons. Rufos’s grandmother (Dorian’s mother) was a younger sister to the previous Lord Blackjade, which makes Dorian the cousin of the current Lord Blackjade, and makes Rufos a second cousin to Berran Blackjade. Dorian grew up alongside the current Lord Blackjade within the household, and they treated each other like brothers. Because Dorian and Lord Blackjade were so close, and because Dorian was often at sea during Rufos’s childhood, Rufos grew up in the Blackjade household, and saw his “Uncle” Lord Blackjade as much of a father as Dorian.

When Rufos was 13 years old, he attended a tourney hosted in Yronwood, as he and his father accompanied House Blackjade as Lord Blackjade’s guests. One event in the tournament was an open grand melee, and Rufos was allowed to participate because even at 13 he was as large as most men fighting. In the midst of the melee, he was able to knock down Ser Cletus Yronwood, and otherwise performed well (although he did not ultimately win). Ser Cletus was amazed to learn that it was only a boy of 13 who was able to strike so strongly, and Lord Anders Yronwood asked Lord Blackjade if the boy would serve as a squire to the knight. Lord Blackjade agreed, and so Rufos became a squire to Ser Cletus.

While training in Yronwood, Rufos was called “Ox” in derision by other squires who were envious of his size and contemptible of an outsider from a backwater island. Rufos took that name and made it a name of pride, and fights under that monicker still. During the Greyjoy Rebellion, Rufos fought alongside Ser Cletus at the Siege of Pyke (he was 17 at the time). Rufos slew a number of Greyjoy men in that battle, and as a result he was deemed worthy of full knighthood. Early the following year, at age 18 he took the vows and became an anointed knight in Yronwood’s sept.

As a knight he swore his blade in service to Lord Blackjade, and for the past two years has served as a loyal knight. Rufos seeks to represent House Blackjade in tournaments, and to earn honor for his sponsor, his family Pandion, and for himself. He also fights with great wrath against any who threatens his home or House. Rufos hopes to one day become a landed knight, so that House Pandion can raise in status as a banner house to Blackjade.

Ser Rufos "Ox" Pandion

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