Berran Blackade

Heir to House Blackjade of Bloodstone


Physically, Berran is a bit above average height with a strong and agile physique. Typical of the Salty Dornishmen, he has a deeply tanned complexion with dark blue eyes. His hair is a dark brown, rather than the more common black. His handsome face usually carries a scowl rather than a smile and he has a sinister intensity to his gaze. He dresses well as befits his station and his outer garments are typically in the colors of his house, either black or green, although he also favors blue. He wears a gold and silver signet ring as Heir of the House. With his coloring he can wear either gold or silver jewelry but other than the signet ring he rarely does so. He wears his hair long in the Dornish style and will often go unshaven, although he has never let it grow into a proper beard. Berran’s good looks would make him popular among the ladies if not for the air of menace that surrounds him. He often seems cold and distant and even his closest friends are never entirely sure what he is thinking.


In 274, near the end of a long winter, Lady Blackjade gives birth to her second child. The boy is named Berran in honor of his maternal grandfather. His older sister, the Heir of the House, is ten years older and immensely proud of her “baby brother” and has to be repeatedly reminded not to carry the infant around like he was a doll.

In 282, the eight year old boy watched his father and older sister, who was given command the Black Claws, sail away with virtually the entire house fleet. It is a time of great apprehension and fear grips the whole of Westeros. Robert Baratheon has risen in rebellion against the King. The small folk whisper that the King is mad and that the Princess Martell is being held prisoner in the Red Keep. While his father and sister are gone, Berran’s mother falls ill. The family’s Maester did what he could but within a few weeks, Lady Blackjade succumbs and dies. Berran and his younger brother are left utterly alone to be raised by household servants. When word of the defeat at the Battle of the Trident reaches Bloodstone there is considerable panic. No one knows what has happened to the Lord of the House or his Heir (they had retreated with their crews to Dragonstone along with what was left of the Royalist forces) and the rumor was that the armies of the new King Robert, led by his stern and cold general – Eddard Stark, were marching south to punish those houses who had remained loyal to the Targaryans. Many of the household servants abandoned their positions for fear of being caught up in reprisals. Upon his return, Lord Blackjade was incensed that his sons had been all but abandoned and took his wrath out on the Maester. He sent the man away and refused to allow another to be appointed in his stead.

In 284, on his tenth birthday, Berran is commissioned a Midshipman on his sister’s ship. As children the Blackjade siblings were fascinated by the Maester’s history lessons, especially the tales of how Queen Nymeria led the Rhoynar to their new homes in Dorne after the Valerian invasion of their lands along the Rhoyne river. Berran’s sister used the occasion of her brother’s first cruise to keep a promise they had made to each other as children – to see the ancestral lands of their people. She and Berran sailed east to Volantis and then followed the Rhoyne river as far north as Qohor. They returned after eighteen months with outlandish tales of the strange sights and many adventures they had enjoyed over the course of their voyage.

In 289, Balon Greyjoy declares himself King of the Iron Islands and the Iron Fleet burns the Lannister Fleet while it was still in the harbor. Stannis Baratheon, the King’s brother and Master of Ships, calls for the ships of the noble houses to join his fleet. The Jade Talons of House Blackjade set sail under the command of Berran’s sister. This time when the fleet sails it is Berran’s father who remains behind and the fifteen year old boy serves as a Midshipman aboard his sister’s flagship. At the Battle of Fair Isle the Royal Fleet caught Victarion Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet in a trap. The swift Jade Talons smashed into the flank of the Ironmen fleet but in the battle the Lady Blackjade was killed. Berran took command of the Blackjade Fleet and chased the ship of Aeron Greyjoy into the jaws of Stannis Baratheon’s flagship, the Fury. Upon his return to Bloodstone, Berran is formally named Heir of the House.

In 292 Berran Blackjade is eighteen years old and has already led men in battle and travelled halfway across the world and back. He has seen more sights in his few years of adulthood than most lords twice his age. He is determined to reverse the fortunes of his house and rebuild the mighty Blackjade fleet and expand their holdings.

Berran Blackade

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