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Peril At King's Landing Session 2

End of the Road

Arriving at the Great Stag Inn, Ramana entered ahead of the others to secure their rooms and make a good first impression. She met with Marta Taverner, the innkeeper, who turned cold as soon as she found out the name of her house. Adham Dannett had been there, too. Managing to calm her enough to allow the group the two available rooms (albeit at a premium price), the others entered and found seating at a table with traveling merchant Rog Thanders. Rog had been there a couple of days, and was happy to share the tale of the “baseless and cowardly attack” against the farmers of House Dannett – adding, once he recalled who his company was, that they were just tales and could have been exaggerated. He also related that there was a fat wealthy merchant by the mane of Ruben Piper travelling with House Dannett who was betrothed to Iris Dannett, oldest child of Alfric Dannett, Lord of House Dannett. Though his betrothal may be a bit moot as Iris Dannet disappeared from her home last year.

One person stood out in the common room – an older, burly man near the corner with a table to himself except for a barmaid across his lap and a number of upside-down tankards on the table. He was laughing loudly and flashing a large purse full of coin. Berran went to talk to him. His name was Hamish “Ham” Flowers, and he had been hired by the Fox Knight for an “easy job” which he left unspecified. After the job the knight killed his five fellows, letting him go apparently because he believed Ham to be loyal to the Targaryens. Which he wasn’t, as evidenced by the Baratheon emblem on his sword hilt. What he was is drunk off his ass and totally oblivious to Berran’s many barbs. Berran convinced the man that he had a job for him, and Ham agreed to proceed with the group to King’s Landing in the morning.

In the morning, they found Ham dead in his room, throat slit and blood all over the bed. The group notified the innkeeper (who was none too pleased) and continued on with Rog Thanders tagging along amicably.

On the road they were attacked, spontaneously, by two men who ran from the forest waving swords and shouting “Dannett!” and, “For the fifteen!” A single arrow sped from the forest and killed the cook they’d brought, after which they easily took down the two swordsmen. One swordsman, Michael Kraft, survived with wounds. He said that they had been recruited by Alfric Dannett himself to exact revenge on the cowardly bandits who had killed fifteen of the Dannett Farmers. He had also promised six archers as backup, but they only got one arrow and no evidence of more than one person in the woods was found. The description the man gave did not match Alfric Dannett at all. They took Kraft with them to King’s Landing to face justice.

Finally, they arrived at King’s Landing. With the delay on the road they made it after dark and were directed to the Gate of the Gods, where they were delayed again by gold cloak captain “Topper” Simonen. Pulled aside, the gold cloaks started searching their cart and prepared to search their carried belongings as well, but between Berran’s intimidation tactics and Ramana’s flirting distractions they got Topper to admit that young Lord Dannett had given them cause to suspect them, and eventually he let them proceed. He sent his fellow guard Mick to escort them to the Greentree Inn, the only inn he knew of which might still have rooms to rent.


Thratchen Thratchen

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