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Peril At King's Landing Sessions 3-10

The Tournament and Beyond

The tournament at King’s Landing was an eventful one.

At the inn the group made friends with two Dornishmen staying there, Ser Gennady Shanin and his squire Bryan Telson. They also spent some quality time drinking with Orten Lugus, whose brother Naton was busy making a drunken ass of himself. Naton started a brawl which Ser Rufos finished, and ended up buying Ser Rufos a drink.

Adham Dannett, publicly and in front of King Robert, accused the Blackjade group of the murder of his family’s peasants and provoking a trial by combat in the first round of the jousting. He made one pass against Ser Rufos, falling from his horse and not getting up. He died later that evening after what was evidently a very painful time in his tent. Poison was suspected but nobody could prove anything and the combat ostensibly settled the matter. Berran began getting close to a prostitute at the Jade Spring whorehouse across the street from the inn. Tilly managed to draw the eye of Se Malcolm Gain, ward of the Darras family, neighbors of the Blackjades.

A crusty old knight named Ser Joris Landseer got a challenge from the Fox Knight, and the group took him, and Bryan Telson out to find the man. They found and subdued him, but Ser Joris took an “accidental” arrow to the neck from Tilly. They proceeded back to King’s Landing only to have their prize killed by archers on the way.

Ser Rufos made it to the semi-finals in the joust, while Ser Garlan Tyrell took the purse. Tilly came in a respectable third in the archery competition, losing to Eddard Karstark.


Thratchen Thratchen

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